Covid 19 FAQ Autumn Update

We have adapted what we offer at Brownscombe this year and it has been such a pleasure to welcome so many guests and to ensure that everyone feels protected by what we are doing, so that they can genuinely relax and enjoy a change of scene and the beautiful Devon countryside. The Autumn has thrown us some new challenges and rule changes, which we hope we have answered below as well as highlighting what we have been doing to keep guests safe;

Q How does the “Rule of 6” affect my holiday this Autumn?

Where we have two families of no more than 4 Adults that have booked separate accommodation then we understand that both families are legally able to holiday here but that the same rules apply here as they would at home. For example; when the children are in bed, four adults could sit outside by the campfire and have a drink together and that would be fine but not if it was a two family BBQ with more than 6 people. Ultimately it could not be a joint holiday with friends, it would need to be two separate holidays with planned get togethers not exceeding 6 people (including children under 12), the same as if you were at home meeting friends in your garden or the local park. We have contacted all bookings where this is the case this Autumn.

We are contacting groups where the number of adults in your party exceeds 6, to cancel or re-arrange the booking.

Q What happens if we have another lockdown?

A If we enter another period of lockdown that Brownscombe is forced to close we will;

  • Offer to move your booking to a date that is convenient and will adjust the price if  you have moved to a higher or lower tariff or if you extend or reduce your stay
  • If there is not a mutually agreeable date available, we will refund your booking less any credit card charges but will not charge a cancellation or Admin fee
  • We cannot be held liable for other elements of your travel such as cancelled flights and we strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover that eventuality

Q What is your cleaning policy?

A We follow government cleaning advice for cleaning non-healthcare environments . This means that in all of our spaces highly touched, hard surfaces will be cleaned then disinfected with cleaning products that kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria to BSEN1276 standards, as used in health care settings. We use steamers that kill Covid without harsh chemicals on all fabrics, including our Tent flaps. All linen will be washed using the hottest water setting before a guests arrival. All crockery, cutlery, cups and glasses will be washed up at high temperature. Check out will be slightly earlier at 9.30am and a slight delay in check – in times to 5pm to enable government guidelines to be followed.

Q I am in a vulnerable category, can I check in without having to meet anyone?

A Yes you can. We will send you an App that contains all the information that you need for your stay and if you let us know before hand then we will arrange to meet you in our carpark to point you in the direction of your accommodation and you can drive directly there with out the need to even get out of the car. The Cabin has parking outside, so it is possible to be entirely separate from other guests here. All group spaces are set up so that guests can socially distance easily, such as the larder shop and reception. You can collect your evening meal (that you have pre-ordered on line) from an open sided barn without meeting anyone.

Q What if I want to cancel my holiday because we have a local lockdown?

A In the event of you needing to cancel your holiday due to either a local lock down, if you have to self isolate or have caught Covid then we will advertise your holiday on Social media. If we are able to sell it, then will pass the refund on to you or postpone your holiday to a time that you can take it. If we have had to discount the holiday due to it being very last minute, then we will refund the amount that we have received. Please note that we managed to re-book 26 late cancellations in the Summer of 2020 at full price, as the demand for Glamping has been so high, but past performance is not a guarantee that we can do it in the future! In the event that we cannot re-book your holiday then we regret that if it is within 8 weeks, then no refund will be made and we strongly advise that you take out insurance to cover this eventuality.

Q Is Farmer’s Rounds still happening for the children?

A Yes it is, but only once during your stay, so that we can accommodate each family bubble separately. Molly and Margot (our dogs) won’t be joining the rounds in 2020 but will be back for the 2021 season

Q Are you offering Treatments in the Wellness room?

A We have temporarily suspended our Treatments but hope to reinstate them for 2021

Q Can we still order meals?

A We are offering our Larder menu which will need to be pre-ordered before arrival and will then be cooked for you throughout your stay with one evening collection at 6.30pm, where you can also pick up your Epic Breakfast to cook in your accommodation. We regret that we aren’t able to open the Lodge for private dining this year.

Q Is your Games Room and Outdoor play area open?

A We have removed most of the items from the Games room but have our ping pong table available (you will be provided with your own bats and balls for your stay). The kids play area is available for one family at a time and good hand washing before and after using it is encouraged.

Q What are you doing to stop Covid spreading between guests or being given to us by your staff?

  • We ask that you socially distance from other guests please, especially relevant with small children.
  • Be rigorous in following social distancing when out in public.
  • If you show any signs of having the virus then you must immediately go and get tested by contacting result must be shown to us. If positive, you will need to leave to self isolate at home, if any Member of your party can drive you. If that is not possible and you have to self-isolate here, then you will be have to pay for all bookings that have to be cancelled as a result.
  • Remember the best way to stay safe is to regularly wash hands thoroughly and use the hand sanitiser points in the Shop and Games room before entering, if there is no one else inside
  • On departure please help us ensure the safety of our cleaning team by bagging your used towels in one laundry bag and bed linen in another and leaving them on the decking outside your accommodation. Any rubbish and recycling should be disposed of behind reception and please leave tent flaps rolled up and windows open in the Cabin and Tabernacle to ensure they are well ventilated.