Things to do at Brownscombe

Conveniently located just a few miles from the sea and only around five miles from Totnes and Torbay, Brownscombe is a great base from which to explore beautiful Devon.

There is so much to do in and around the local area you’ll never be short of inspiration when planning your days out. Check out the links and our news pages for our latest recommendations and discoveries.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring Brownscombe while you stay with us. There’s so much to do – from farm tours, wildlife watching, luxurious treatments and fabulous food.

Family Fun

Brownscombe farm animals

Your children will love it here. They can roam to their heart’s content exploring the Brownscombe site, collecting eggs and helping to feed our friendly farm animals. “I really enjoyed helping out with the animals – pigs, ducks and chickens, Oink, Quack, Cluck!” Michael, year 5. Each family has a chance to do “farmers rounds” for half an hour one morning of their stay starting at 8.30 midweek and 9 am at the weekends. It’s hard not to feel like the pied piper as all the children run down from their tents and you get to have an extra half hour in bed! Our dogs Molly the Labrador and Margot the pug loves to get walked by the children but let Kate know if your child is nervous around dogs and adjustments will be made.

Den area

There’s a play area hidden under the Ash trees at the bottom of the meadow with rope swings. They will feel totally hidden but all safari tents have a clear view of them from the decks.

Football / cricket / rounders / Frisby pitch

Watch from your deck or join in the fun! The good news is that after running around with new found friends, they should sleep really well!

Wellbeing Centre

Book a spa treatment in our super-relaxing wellness room while you’re here.  We can arrange yoga, fitness sessions and wellbeing packages for groups.

Food and Drink

We love food and drink.  Visit our larder to pick up local produce, homemade meals and some Kate-picked homeware.  If you want to eat ‘out’, without leaving the farm, you can join us for our Pizza Nights in the Barn, or book The Lodge for private dining.

Games room

On rainy days there’s always the games room to fall back on, where table tennis, pool and table football will keep guests of all ages occupied.


The perfect enclosed space to let your dog run off the lead without the temptation of chicken-chasing. There is a bench and a dog bin. Dogs should be on the lead in the rest of the site, as we often have children staying that can be nervous about dogs.


During the day, The Barn is the perfect place to catch up on your emails. If you require somewhere to work then it is possible to book our Lodge with its own wi-fi and it is a quiet space to host or attend zoom or Teams calls.

Local wildlife

If you get up early, you might catch a glimpse of a deer in the early morning mists of the valley. In fact, the wildlife here is amazing: rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs, moles, kestrels, badgers and many types of wild bird, including the rare cirl bunting. At night, drift off to sleep listening to the Tawny owls or catch a glimpse of the barn owl as it hunts at dusk.