At Brownscombe glamping we have private dining onsite in the Lodge.  Book into our Lodge for a night and get the whole place to yourself to enjoy a cheese fondue or cook your steak on hot rocks.  Dining at the Lodge is available from 23rd March until 1st November.


HOT ROCKS COOKING – Cheese for you to melt on the raclette grill at your table, gherkins, potatoes served with a green salad

  • with locally sourced sirloin steak or chicken for you to cook on a hot stone £14 / head
  • with cold meats of salami and Parma ham £12 / head
  • vegetarian with halloumi and vegetables £12 / head
  • children aged 11 and under, half price for a half portion


  • cheese fondue with chicken to cook on hot-stone, bread to dip and green salad £14 / head
  • cheese fondue with vegetables and bread to dip and green salad £12 / head
  • chocolate fondue with marshmallows, seasonal fruit to dip (strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries) to dip £5 / head

BEEF POTJIE (pronounced Poike), 2 adults £26.50 or 4 adults £50.00

Potjie is an Afrikaaner campfire dish of beef and chunky vegetable stew traditionally cooked for 4-5 hours in a large cast iron pot. Served warm with rice.

CAMPFIRE CASSOULET, Serves 2 adults £25.00 or 4 adults £46.00

Brownscombe home reared sausages and lardons in a red wine and tomato sauce with cannellini beans. Accompanied by a warm demi baguette (1 between 2 people) – Can also be made with veggie sausages on request.

BROWNSCOMBE SAUSAGE PASTA, 2 adults £25.00 or 4 adults £46.00

Brownscombe home reared sausage meat, with tomato and penne pasta, topped with shavings of parmesan – total favourite for our kids and their friends. Veggie version available on request. Served with pasta.

MEDITERRANEAN LAMB with roasted vegetable couscous 2/3 adults £40.00

Local butterflied half leg of lamb marinaded for 4 hours in lemon juice, crushed garlic, paprika and oil,  accompanied with prepared vegetables for you to cook and mix with couscous.