On site

We hope that you will enjoy exploring Brownscombe while you stay with us. You can meet the animals, collect the eggs or simply roam freely amidst the wild buttercup meadows and spot the wildlife.

Brownscombe farm animals

Your children will love it here. They can roam to their heart’s content exploring the Brownscombe site, collecting eggs and helping to feed our friendly farm animals. “I really enjoyed helping out with the animals – pigs, ducks and chickens, Oink, Quack, Cluck!” Michael, year 5. We do “farmers rounds” for half an hour every morning starting at 9am. It’s hard not to feel like the pied piper as all the children run down from their tents and you get to have an extra half hour in bed! Our dogs Molly the labrador and Margot the pug love to get walked by the children but let Kate know if your child is nervous around dogs and adjustments will be made.

Den area

There’s a play area hidden under the Ash trees at the bottom of the meadow, with a cocoon hammock big enough for 4, sawn-off logs for seats and rope swings. They will feel totally hidden but all safari tents have a clear view of them from your deck.

Football / cricket / rounders / frisby pitch

Watch from your deck or join in the fun! The good news is that after running around with new found friends, they should sleep really well!

Scooters and bikes

Are available for the children to use in the car-free lane but we don’t provide helmets, so please bring ant safety equipment that you would like them to use.

Games room

On rainy days there’s always the games room to fall back on, where table tennis, pool and table football will keep guests of all ages occupied. There is also a dolls house full of sylvanians and a desk with colouring pencils and a whole library of disney dvd’s and books for rainy days!

Local wildlife

If you get up early, you might catch a glimpse of a deer in the early morning mists of the valley. In fact, the wildlife here is amazing: rabbits, foxes, badgers and many types of wild bird, including the rare cirl bunting. At night, drift off to sleep listening to the Tawny owls or catch a glimpse of the barn owl as it hunts at dusk.

The site is car-free for total tranquillity, so once you’ve unloaded outside your Tent or Cabin, park the car in our car park and the children can roam free! For Tabernacle guests we whisk you and your  luggage up in our trusty landrover.